I am a transdisciplinary scholar whose research, broadly, works to expose how white supremacy is embedded and designed into otherwise mundane or overlooked artifacts over space, place, and time. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how white supremacy is embedded into the design of political institutions and the US-American scientific enterprise. I engage primarily with research questions at the confluence of cultural geography, science and technology studies, and critical theory.

selected publications

  • Eduardo Altheman, Jina Fast, Nicole K. Mayberry, Sid Simpson (Eds.). The Marcusean Mind. Routledge. (Under Contract, 2024).

  • Mayberry, Nicole K. “Color-Blind Racism and One Dimensionality: Imagining Marcusean Conditions of Freedom Through the Black Radical Tradition.” In, The Dialectics of Liberation in Dark Times: Marcuse’s Thought in the Neoliberal Era. Springer. 2023.

under review

  • Mayberry, Nicole K. I, Robot, and the Breadcrumbs of AntiBlackness.
  • Mayberry, Nicole K. The Stories We Tell: How Spatial Grammars of Conquest and Domination Build Future Space.